Dental Implants

Preliminary Assessment

Your general dentist will complete an examination to assess the implant site.  Once this assessment is complete a referral to a local Oral Surgery or Periodontal office will be provided. 

At Oral Surgery or Periodontal Office

An implant consultation to evaluate and discuss treatment options that best suit your needs will be completed. This will include but is not limited to making sure your previous tooth extraction site is healed, discuss implant style/location, obtain radiographs as needed, bone grafting, sedation, healing timeline, risks, etc.

Once you have developed and approved the treatment plan with them, they will conduct the surgery to place the implant.  Post operatively you will need to heal for approximately 2-4 months before the final restoration can be placed.  If you have delayed healing or complications this process can require additional time. 

After healing has been achieved the doctor will give your general dentist the OK to proceed with the final restoration. They will ship your implant specific parts and post operative correspondence letter to our office. 

Fabrication of Permanent Restoration

Once we receive the implant parts and letter, we will call you to set up your appointment to initiate the fabrication of your final restoration. You will present to our office with a healing cap on your implant that was placed.  We will remove that healing cap, place an implant post, and obtain an x-ray to confirm proper placement.  Next, we will take an impression which will be sent to the lab for the fabrication of the abutment/crown and replace the healing cap.  The final restoration will take approximately 3-4 weeks to fabricate.

At the crown seat appointment, we will again remove the healing cap, try in the final restoration, take a radiograph to confirm proper placement, and finalize the delivery of your new restoration. 

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